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50.28 HTR available / Current payout: 0.01 HTR

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Number of transactions: 6522

Total payout: 179.34 HTR

Fund the faucet wallet by sending some HTR to HHPCpzbXSTSSJWMSLfU9aJwhvGLcLCFxDk

This community funded faucet is available for new users who want to try out the Hathor network. It's only intended to use once to experience the speed of Hathor and get some free Hathor to try out the network. You should not use this faucet if you already used Hathor.

Last 10 Payouts

0.01 HTR to HHKKQC1bQKm9HcgPCYKoNGmEA8nfjwRf9J
0.01 HTR to HDod6wrWeT1aRgm4jAYkMDHqejjMHGUDj2
0.01 HTR to HP5NhuBzpMjz38jDs9qG2YYk6kLdTFdMQP
0.01 HTR to HEBZaizdCo1fcSZRk8Gsp16LUSdZEWJV3r
0.01 HTR to H8AbpG3Tf5AvESm4987E83JPaqTxdx9YKN
0.01 HTR to HAdz75TS1pP96VuH3K9ihGREqYcRC7m4B9
0.01 HTR to HCmsjc8THPJcwuirM8DM4wXmbM8DBziqQF
0.01 HTR to HLuAFaw8MHSugYaRVy3xC8wC6kh5gy8JgD
0.01 HTR to HJedEzGJ8YeZGUepBxeBCsdHCN3qK9okTv