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Send some HTR to HHPCpzbXSTSSJWMSLfU9aJwhvGLcLCFxDk to fill up the faucet!

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Number of transactions: 3803

Total payout: 149.13 HTR

Fund the faucet wallet by sending some HTR to HHPCpzbXSTSSJWMSLfU9aJwhvGLcLCFxDk

This community funded faucet is available for new users who want to try out the Hathor network. It's only intended to use once to experience the speed of Hathor and get some free Hathor to try out the network. You should not use this faucet if you already used Hathor.

Last 10 Payouts

0.03 HTR to H6u6Pjqe5DGn6RwhwvZttJFRSpc87Bwtaf
0.03 HTR to HDLSw4Gzv2vQJDk7HWuDZwQxDySHe6pZyW
0.03 HTR to HLFUUz1bXsukyQiaKYfJbQKJYdTQZL7X8j
0.03 HTR to HDvpQZoLa1LafSpfdpMe6Sw7irjfiaJYtr
0.03 HTR to HQziaB5H6cYQ3AZa5fgtXefp5nYKc45TBd
0.03 HTR to H6qPPYWno16A6YNFEWwyT2mEYwAZYkRes1
0.03 HTR to HSQHWi895QSuXK3Crfm4xYzBUmB3Vy6GJv
0.03 HTR to HRprgYaToor9Hx1MoxTgrtKjvVh3S8fENu
0.03 HTR to HKhEe8mSAjv7EsXeb76dLjg5nKYTVfCP7C
0.03 HTR to HSJ7ETd5hEUR5pFhpVGHzbhr7E1k9XZUtq