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999.82 FCT available / Current payout: 0.01 FCT

The Faucet Token (FCT) has no value, it's only to demonstrate the speed of the network.

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Number of transactions: 13566

Total payout: 249.78 FCT

This faucet will send a Faucet Token (FCT) to your address. It has no value, you can send it back to HEFi5nyDemWUFJAkcp8v76vN4GfwQK9Dme

This community funded faucet is available for new users who want to try out the Hathor network. It's only intended to use once to experience the speed of Hathor and get some free Hathor to try out the network. You should not use this faucet if you already used Hathor.

Last 10 Payouts

0.01 FCT to HU5qCf3KNnk9vic7VAanifrUufxcoeHacj
0.01 FCT to HHdKD3uottTibDmKfLSKUrBT78kbpAkCaN
0.01 FCT to HCQ2sQdqVsRbN57tJwSW5Uzd4c9FPDdLx9
0.01 FCT to HSAdLcmtaWDGbSpkxsKzc1QrrTCptqyLmn
0.01 FCT to HJBPmMCQiWMQLViVhYNwGNg1R7Wnjnv6ig
0.01 FCT to HMpAtHx73ZNwQRvtAA5WHxnw7G9oy7qRjM
0.01 FCT to HQ9DSZw7vLQSLCop9skMognKe2JWtd7Bbg
0.01 FCT to HHhFQEKRAu4xKtwSAaEMGwzWRFvEq3jf3c
0.01 FCT to HJuT6vXj3hNQxzjmcCKGN9yppRfFntQVJb
0.01 FCT to HHsQ2GnSRbLLvnpDjKZGY82NHjbuw2FqEY